Active Portfolio Management

Service Features

Why have an Investment Advisor?

  • A Registered Investment Advisor is a “fiduciary” meaning we are ethically bound to putting your interests FIRST. Transactions are only executed because we believe they will make you a profit.
  • Because we are Registered Investment Advisors, and not brokers or dealers earning income from buying and selling activity in your account, we charge a very reasonable flat or percentage-based fee for our services.
  • With over 30 years in the investment industry, you can TRUST in the PROVEN experience and economic knowledge of Anthony J. Mancini & Team.
Customized Investment Management Solutions
  • Mancini Investments will help you to elevate your portfolio beyond one-dimensional product strategies with a “rules-based” non-emotional approach. 
  • You can depend on us to be with you every step of the way BOTH while you are developing your portfolio AND while growing your investments and preserving your capital all the way to retirement.
  • Rest assured that WE WILL take the time to learn about your monetary goals, values,  investment risk tolerance  and other factors in order to develop a strategy that is right for you. 
  • Call today to create change in YOUR investment strategy!
Maximize Your Returns With Our Active Portfolio Management

Get the expert guidance you need to create a comfortable nest egg with retirement planning services from Anthony J. Mancini Investment Advisor. Your investments will be monitored DAILY by an actual human being (not a robo-program) to identify, measure, and control risks in real time. With this type of active portfolio management, you can maximize your returns during market upswings and anticipate market downturns to increase profits and prevent loss. Why take chances when you can have a proven strategy working for you? 


Retirement Planning Tailored to Your Needs

Tony and his team will work with you to develop a retirement plan that is based on your individual risk factors, individual situation, and financial goals. Using established methods of technical analysis, we’ll determine which investments are best suited to your needs and desired income level.

 We Actively Manage Your Investments Daily

We help you grow your net worth

We only buy and sell when it’s good for YOUR portfolio strategy
NO transaction commissions – NO conflicts of interest!!
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