What We Do

We help people who care about being smart with their money, but who struggle with finding the time and effort required to (research the best investments and) actively manage growing their net worth to achieve financial security by advising them on personal financial issues and effectively balancing their investments and implementing a growth strategy that is suitable for the current economic conditions.

Our Philosophy

  • A Registered Investment Advisor is a “fiduciary” meaning we are ethically bound to putting your interests FIRST. Transactions are only executed because we believe they will make you a profit.
  • Because we are Registered Investment Advisors,  and not brokers or dealers earning income from buying and selling activity in your account, we charge a very reasonable flat or percentage-based fee for our services.

Our Methods

  • Mancini Investments will help you to elevate your portfolio beyond one-dimensional product strategies with a “rules-based” non-emotional approach.
  • Tony and his team will work with you to develop a retirement plan that is based on your individual risk factors, individual situation, and financial goals. Using established methods of technical analysis, we’ll determine which investments are best suited to your needs and desired income level.


My Promise


  • With over 30 years in the investment industry, you can TRUST in the PROVEN experience and economic knowledge of Anthony J. Mancini & Team.
  • You can depend on us to be with you every step of the way BOTH while you are developing your portfolio AND while growing your investments and preserving your capital all the way to retirement.


Portfolio Management

Whether you have a 401k or a mix of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, we manage your assets so that you get the most profitable results possible regardless of what "the market is doing". Our relative strength sector strategy is earning the strongest returns possible in the market. At Mancini Investments, we are excited about helping you grow your net worth. We also specialize in helping women and millennials under 30 establish their financial direction. The power of time is on your side.  It all starts with a conversation.  Call us!

Retirement & Life Planning

 With Anthony J. Mancini's retirement planning services, you get a strategic program that is tailored to your specific needs and goals, personally monitored DAILY  by Tony. Managing money also includes planning for important chapters in your life in addition to retirement. Fund your goals & dreams. We've been in Palm Springs since 1997. We earn your business with results and integrity. It all starts with a conversation. Have a financial professional working for you.
Call us today at 760.322.1620!


Managing Risk


At Mancini Investments, we believe that the uncertainty and risk inherent in investing CAN actually be reduced and controlled. To do this, we use fundamental as well as technical analysis techniques to identify, measure, and control your investment risks. Using this analysis, we are able to determine which combination of investments are best suited to grow your capital for the future. Invest the RIGHT way - with an experienced advisor who understands the ups and downs of the current economic climate.

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