One Secret to Success in Investing Is Related to How “Risk” is Defined

When it comes to investing, it’s just not possible to fully avoid risk and earn returns that compound well and compensate for inflation. However, you can manage the amount of risk you take on by managing the timeline required to reach your savings goals. Time is, truly, the key to managing risk in your portfolio. If you’re able to map out a timeline to reach your goals, you’re better able to determine how much risk you’re able to take on in your investments. Does the idea of balancing risk in your portfolio stress you out? Are you worried that you’ll sell immediately during a market downturn, even if it’s not in your best interest? Are you afraid you’ll make the wrong decision and drive yourself nuts until you decide? This is where working with an investment advisor can be incredibly helpful. You wouldn’t take on your own surgery without the expert help of a surgeon? Why do it with your money?

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Here are 10 characteristics of Millennials when making buying decisions. The majority of millenials trust recommendations by friends and family and use the internet daily to obtain the information they are seeking and make decisions about goods and services they are considering. We’d like to hear more from millenials and address the financial security or investment questions that are of particular concern to YOU.

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Financial Illiteracy Epidemic On The Rise

Knowing how to make good decisions around money is a key component to creating wealth, yet the majority of kids have grown up learning basically how their parents managed money, whether efficient, or not, and that’s about it up until 18. Some parents like my own didn’t even discuss money with the kids. Money was a hush-hush kind of subject. Don’t be in the dark. Managing money , saving, investing, and creating wealth over your higher earning years (generally 23-45 years of age) doesn’t have to be a mystery.  Financial literacy is available to everyone.

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